Equine Thermography

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Equine Thermography
Technicians Certificate.
It is the only accredited certificated course in the world.

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Achtung ! Dieser Kurs wird in Englischer Sprache durchgeführt.


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Achtung !
Dieser Kurs wird in Englischer Sprache durchgeführt.

Kursdauer :
5 Tageskurs mit Unterlagen inkl. 3 monatige Unterstützung nach dem Kurs für Fallstudien und Aufgaben.


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Im Kurs wird mit der Software FLIR Tools gearbeitet (Link: FLIR Tools Software)

Im Kurspreis inbegriffen ist:
– 5 Tageskurs mit Unterlagen inkl. 3 monatige Unterstützung nach dem Kurs für Fallstudien und Aufgaben.
– Kaffee während den Pausen

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Sandie Chambers (equitherm)

Sandie initially trained in Equine thermograhty with definative experts Dr Tracy Turner and Dr Jim Waldsmith in California as well as advancing her knowledge with Andy Bathe of Rossdales and has continued support in the form of Dr Rachel Murray of the Animal health trust, she also holds a Level II certificate in Infrared thermography from the Infrared Institute and has conducted her own research using thermography, into the effects of training methods on the sport horse, the race horse in training, rehabilitation, maintainance of the equine, foot care and more. She has spent a number of years perfecting Equitherms training programme and has recently recruited individuals from the veterinary and Science field to complement the programme.


max. 10

Our 3 month Thermography Technicians programme is delivered with a modular structure, offering a student a centred approach. You will initially train for five days with our Veterinary Thermography exerts working through, lectures covering the physics of Infrared, anatomy and physiology relating to thermography, inflammation, correct scanning, heat transfer, environmental conditions relating to thermography and more. You will work on learning your scanning techniques on live horses, work through manipulating your scans to maximise your qualitative analysis, work on report structure and feedback. You will also be allocated a personal tutor who can help you with any challenges along the way.

On completion of the five days training you will, though the remaining months, complete your case studies required for certification and you tutor marked assignments. You will receive a student login to the training site and will be able to upload your case studies and assignments there. Throughout this process you will be given feedback on every scan that you produce with your allocated tutor this is so that you can achieve excellence in your work.

or certification it is required that a total of 10 approved scans are required, to achieve the approved scans you may have to produce more than ten, approved scans are scans that reach the required industry standard. You are required to do two Tutor marked assignments and take an online exam.

The aim of the programme is to provide students with a broad range of Equine, Canine and veterinary backgrounds with the knowledge and skills necessary for understanding and applying Veterinary thermal imaging, theory, techniques, analysis and applications and to ensure our students reach Equine/Veterinary Thermography Technician status.

Students who complete the full accredited programme will:

  1. Develop the practical skills of imaging the subject based on correct protocols and standards.
  2. Develop the skills to analyse their images and transfer to the relevant software.
  3. Develop the skills to use the data collected from the analysis and write an informed report on their findings.
  4. Develop the skills to discuss how thermal imaging is used to investigate both normal and abnormal processes and functions. (clinically and in research)
  5. Be fully aware of standards and protocols relating to the subject and the environment.
  6. Describe the full range of Thermography theory, techniques, analysis, and applications.
  7. Understand case study methodology.
  8. Be aware of Health and safety regulations.
  9. Develop good practice in communication.
  10. Achieve Technician certification

Our courses are aimed at those wishing to add thermography to their current professional qualifications or those wishing to start a new career in this industry. It is perfect for those who wish to balance study with work and personal commitments. It is set over a three month period but also offers flexible study and extensions are on offer in special circumstances.

Our Equine Thermography Technicians Certificate is three months in duration and starts with five days intensive training at select venues across Europe.

Technician Certificate

The EquiTherm Technicians programme is a three month programme from start to finish with the following as part of the accreditation process.
– 5 days intensive practical training
– 2 x Tutor marked assignments
– 10 Approved case studies (All case studies are reviewed by our team)
– On-line exam

5 Day Workshop

Our five day programme requires the student to attend five days onsite learning.

This programme is a combination of theory and practical elements.

The first day and a half will cover the theory of Equine/Vet Thermography with the remaining 3.5 days working with the horses, equipment and reporting.


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